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How to Post a Project to Ravelry from Your Cellphone - Photo Tutorial

My students and test knitters often ask me to help them post their projects to Ravelry. I've created a helpful photo tutorial here for how to post a project to Ravelry using your cellphone.

Why should you post pictures and information about your finished projects to Ravelry?

a. Ravelry project pages are an online photo album of all of your projects. At a glance, you can easily remember which ones you loved or wanted to make again, or the special occasion that prompted an heirloom piece.

b. You can keep records of what yarn you used and needle/hook size, too, so you didn't have to swatch again.

c. For posterity! When other knitters and crocheters see your project pages and how you've rated a pattern, they might be more likely to knit or crochet that design. When lots of people make a certain project and create project pages, it helps keep the designers you love in business (win, win!).

d. Because you're amazing and interesting. People want to see what you're knitting and crocheting!

How to Post Your Project to Ravelry

Step 1: Take photos of your project. Any photos are great, but there are some ways you can take especially lovely ones: Take the photo in daylight, preferably outside or near a window. If you are taking a close-up photo of a detail on your sweater, play around with your zoom and the background you've got. There are plenty of other ways to take great photos of your knits.

Step 2: Sign into Ravelry.

Step 3: Head over to the projects page of your notebook by clicking on the Ravelry Icon on the home page of Ravelry and then clicking on "projects"

Step 4: Click "add a project"

Step 5: Fill out basic project details, like which craft you've worked, what name you're giving to your specific project ("Shaina's favorite new sweater" or "Wedding Blanket for Abe and Zoe") and then enter the pattern name that the designer gave the pattern. Click "Continue" when you've filled out these fields.

Step 6: Select the correct pattern from the list to link to the pattern you used.

Step 7: Fill out specific details about your project. For now, let's skip over the "add photo" part. Pick and choose which fields you'd like to fill in. Are you still working on the project? Are you happy with it? What's your progress on the project? If you want to keep a record of when you begin and complete a project, enter the dates, too.

Keep scrolling down and you'll access even more details to fill in. Who did you make this project for? Are they on Ravelry? Link their name! What size did you make? I added tags to my sweater so other knitters can search these keywords and my project will pop up. You can add your needle size and fill in the gauge you got; this is especially helpful if you want to make the project again in the future.

Add the yarn name and link it. You can add specific details about the yarn, too: colorway, dye lot, how much you used, where you purchased it and what you paid, etc.

Step 8: Add project notes. Short of the pattern instructions, share anything you'd like to about your experience with this project. Did you change or alter something about the pattern? Tell us about it! Do you have a suggestion for making this with other yarns? We want to know! Did you struggle with a particular part or end up learning a lot with this project? Do tell! Was there something funny that happened while you were making this? Go on! What prompted you to make this project? Let's hear about it!

Step 9: Let's add PHOTOS! Scroll back up to the top of the page and click "add photo".

Step 10: Upload photos from your phone to Ravelry. Click "choose files", then "photo library", and scroll down your photos to the album of photos you want.

Step 11: Select the photos you want to share and click "done". When you are back on Ravelry's page, click "upload now". Rearrange your photos if desired and then click "done".

Step 12: Click "Save" when your project page has all of the photos and details you want in it.

Step 13: Rate the pattern and yarn. Ravelry will ask you to rate the pattern and yarns you used. If you loved the pattern, give it 5 stars, if you thought the pattern was written clearly, give it 5 stars. If the project was easy or difficult for you, you can share that, too. You can also add descriptive words about the pattern to share with others. After you're done rating the pattern, you can rate the yarn as well. All of this information will help you remember what you liked and didn't like about a certain project, plus help other knitters as they decide to knit or crochet something.

I hope you found this picture tutorial helpful. I can't wait to see what you've been knitting!

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