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7 Gift Ideas for Knitters

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The best gift you can give a knitter is the joy of seeing you wear the things they've made you. However, they wouldn't take you off the "knitworthy list" if you get them one of these other awesome gifts, either.

1. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are little rings that come in all different shapes and sizes and styles. Knitters put them on the needles between stitches to help keep track of patterns or mark different sections of their work. They are also the quickest tool to disappear. Couches and chairs eat them. I've found them in the laundry machine. Therefore, your knitter will always find more stitch markers useful. Some cute ones are these sheep markers

and the most functional ones (IMHO) are these Clover lock-ring stitch markers

2. Scissors

And not just any scissors. Let's get decadent and splurge on a really really nice pair of scissors for your knitter. These will be the "good" scissors and your knitter will shreik if they see them being used on anything other than yarn.

3. Knitting Bag

Knitting bags come in all shapes and sizes and fabrics. If your knitter likes to knit sweaters and blankets, go for a large knitting bag. If they like knitting socks and cowls, a smaller bag will do nicely.

4. Headlamp or Flashlight Necklace

If you have EVER asked your knitter to knit with black or navy yarn for you... well, you owe it to them to get them better lighting. These flashlight necklaces help knitters see their work in dim lighting.

5. Ballwinder and Swift Combo

Help your knitter help themselves to wind their yarn. Not all yarn comes "ready to knit" - a ballwinder and swift will enable your knitter to wind big loops of yarn into easy-to-use balls (or, cakes as they're affectionately called) in no time!

6. Gift Card to the knitter's favorite LYS (Local Yarn Shop)

Be a hero and get your knitter a gift certificate to their favorite LYS. Easy!

7. Knitting Gift Box

Many yarn companies and designers curate beautiful advent and monthly subscription gift boxes for knitters. Your knitter might just love getting a surprise in the mail full of knitting tools, treats, and new yarns. Every year I put together a "Festival of Lights" box for Hanukkah and you can check it out here:

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