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Mood Cowl - Knitting the Stash - Part 3: It finally got cold out!

Mood Cowl - Knitting the Stash – Part 3 - It finally got cold out…

EVERY fall, when the first few breezes of cold air hit my neck, I immediately snap into action and begin knitting dozens of scarves and cowls and hats. Forget looking for the ones I actually finished and wore last year, no…. feeling the cold air is like the first time I’ve ever felt cold air and, therefore, I need to knit!!!! I LOVE winter and fall, so my response to the cold air is more of a celebratory knitting fervor rather than one of despair.

Knitting the Stash - Part 2 - Fingering Weight Odds and Ends

Knitting the Stash - Part 2 – Fingering Weight Odds & Ends

I’ve been hard at work using more stash and this time I set my sights on my fingering weight. While it would be incredible to make socks and shawls with all of this yarn…

Knitting up the STASH

“My yarn stash is too large” – No Knitter, Ever

Except, maybe… me.