Wraps Per Inch

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Using Wraps Per Inch is a helpful tool for determining your yarn weights - whether you have a mystery yarn ball at the bottom of a box or if you bought a beautiful, nameless handspun at the Sheep & Wool festival. Using wraps per inch is a handy way to organize the yarns for my Zucchini Blanket Pattern – the pattern calls for orphaned and scrap yarns in fingering, sport, DK, and worsted weights. Figuring out the yarn weights can be the trickiest part of making this blanket.

Here’s how to figure out your Wraps Per Inch (WPI)

Wrap two pieces of masking tape around a spare straight knitting needle, measuring a 1” space between the tape. Alternately, you could mark a 2” space to get an even more accurate WPI. Make sure to double-check your measuring.

Holding the yarn next to one piece of tape, gently wrap the yarn around the needle to fill up the marked space. Do not pull the yarn tightly around the needle. This could distort your results.

Count the number of wraps within your space. (If you marked a 2” space, divide your number of wraps in two).

Use this guide to help determine your yarn weight.


35+ WPI


19-22 WPI


15-18 WPI


12-14 WPI


9-11 WPI


8-6 WPI

Super Bulky

5-2 WPI



Love this!

Can I do the knit along long distance?

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