Vintage Knitting Books - for a good laugh

I adore vintage knitting books and find much inspiration in their pages. On a recent tidying of my attic I found a stack of vintage knitting and crochet books that I hadn't looked at for a while. Perhaps it was my mood or all the dust getting to my head, but I could not stop giggling at some of what I saw. Here are some of the designs that YOU could have been knitting in the 1960's-1980's:

Dick and Stephen have a great time modeling their sweaters together, don't they? Well, it seems that they enjoy being in sweaters more than these next two little dudes in crocheted sweaters from the 80's. The youngster on the right looks like he's about to knock out the photographer's assistant if even one more photo is taken! 

Susie, wearing the classic knit twinset, chokes the family's beloved cat, Whiskers. Careful Whiskers! If Susie doesn't get you first, Jack is comin' for you in a striped short-sleeve pullover that grandma made!

What vintage knitting and crochet photo collection would be complete without the his-and-hers vest patterns? A WHOLE book full of gems like this:

I'll leave you with one last hunk wearing a fabulous 70's vest and a whole lotta chest hair. 

I hope those brought a smile to your face!



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