Repurposing Knits

Once in a while a client will come to me with a project that hasn't been touched in months or years. This project may have become dormant because the knitter got stumped by tricky instructions or had a major life event get in the way. Usually I'll work through the pattern and get the person back on track. However, if the client isn't in love with design anymore or started it for a child who is now, say, in college, we need to come up with a better use for the yarn. 

Chaye knit the back and front of a child's color block sweater years ago and then put it away until recently. When she began the sweater, she twisted her stitches as she knit. Chaye has since learned to knit conventionally and completing the rest of the sweater with her old knitting technique wasn't a viable option. 

We ripped the two pieces until about 6" remained, stuck the stitches onto a knitting needle, and worked a few rows of rapid decreases. Two baby hats were quickly made! These will be fantastic baby gifts and she plans to use her remaining yarn to make my Mod Stocking Cap. Fabulous repurpose! 

Other repurposing ideas

Note: you may need to rip a bit to make these ideas work with your specific project

Half of a scarf can be turned into a cowl with a quick seam. It can also be ripped to 18-20", turned on its side, and made into the brim of a hat. Stitches will need to be picked up along the long edge of this piece and then a hat crown will need to be knit. 

Two pieces of a sweater can be made into a pillow, a drapey oversized wrap (depending on the sweater size), or a knitting bag. 

Remnants of yarn can be combined to make my Zucchini Blanket.


Have fun repurposing your projects! 






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