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Friday, January 31, 2014

...and even the not-so-organized of us: Mama's Notebooks "Knit & Crochet Notebook" 

My dear friend Heather is a super-organized mom of three who runs a tight ship! We met in high school and have birthdays only 6 days apart. We had some duo parties together, like our tea party, that were a blast! While writing this blog, it occurred to me that Heather is actually the first person I ever taught to knit. After our senior year of high school we began knitting together and it's been one of the special things that keeps us connected. 

Since Heather is an incredible knitter and tremendously organized (I think you have to be with three kids, right?!), she created a knitting notebook for herself and then began selling them when she realized how useful they are. Her notebooks have it all! There are pages for each project you’re working on and a table of contents to get to the right project quickly. My personal fave is the guide for taking proper measurements and the page to KEEP those measurements around for when you’re ready to knit for your lucky family member or friend. There are also pages for project wish lists, inventorying your needles and hooks, tracking your gauge for the yarns you use, and even a yarn reference page!

I started selling these for her in November and already they’ve helped many of my students tremendously. It’s nice to have all of your project information in one place. No more sifiting through little scraps of paper to figure out what row you left off with, no more wondering what needle you were supposed to use for that gorgeous new yarn you swatched last week, and no needing to stress about measuring your husband nonchalantly because you’d like to make him a sweater as a surprise. It’s all in the book!

Way to go, Heather! I wish you great success with your notebooks and am so proud to have you as my friend and my very first student. XOXOX

Check out Heather's notebooks here:

Heather's Ravelry username is HeathersKnits

And, if you know a new mommy who needs help keeping to a feeding schedule or someone who likes to keep a weekly/monthly schedule and budget, her other notebooks are must-haves, too! 


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