Forget to work a cable? Duplicate stitch to the rescue!

You’re knitting away happily, about to finish your project. Then, you look down and realize that about 20” into the thing you …FORGOT…A…FREAKING…CABLE…!

We’ve all been there. Maybe a riveting TV show was on while you were knitting. Maybe it was a tough day. Distracted or not, whatever the reason, cables were forgotten and you didn’t notice until it was too late to rip. In fact, it wasn’t until AFTER Gloria’s blanket came off of my blocking board that I noticed the missing cable.

Somehow cables can just sneak past us. Let’s face it: they’re twisted creatures to begin with.

Fortunately, there was a bit of yarn in the bag. Gloria had doubled the yarn for this project, so I threaded a double-strand of yarn onto my tapestry needle and began working a duplicate stitch over the section that was missing the cable. A left (front) cable was missing – so I began working the duplicate stitch from the first stitch on the right side and connecting it to the fourth stitch of the cable panel.

I then worked into the second stitch, the fifth, the third, and finally the sixth stitch. After connecting the appropriate stitches to create a mock-cable, I adjusted the tension to create a “row” of stitches. I then pushed the yarn tails to the WS and wove them in.

Shhhhh… our little duplicate stitch secret!

Other great uses for duplicate stitch:

Working small sections of color in Intarsia or Fair Isle, weaving in tails, and repairing small holes or tears in knitted pieces. 

Have you used duplicate stitch to fix or as a shortcut and felt like a genius, too?! Share your experience!


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