Ravelry Projects 2018 Post-A-Thon!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Have you knit something that I've designed? Please post those projects to Ravelry! For each finished project you post, I'll gift you another pattern for FREE!

Here's how it works:

For the remainder of 2018, if you knit one of my published designs* and create a project page for that finished project on Ravelry, I'll send you a coupon code through Ravelry messages to download another pattern for FREE from my Ravelry Shop**.

The only rules are that your project page must be linked to my pattern AND your project page must have at least one photo of the finished project. You don't need to rate my pattern 5 stars, but I'd love the ego boost ;)

Are you a super-duper-Shaina-pattern-knitter (and local)? Have you worked up 8 or more of my published designs and created Ravelry project pages? I'd love to give you a spot in one of my group classes on the house!*** This offer goes through the year... so start knitting and posting!

If you are a regular student of mine and think I might have photos of your project from my camera, a quick reminder in an email would be great.

Happy Posting - and, THANK YOU!!



* Published designs are designs that are attributed to me and/or are available for purchase (or free) on my website, Ravelry, or Etsy. These are available from multiple sources: some are self-published on Ravelry/Etsy/www.ShainaBilow.com, others are published with Interweave or with Tahki/Stacy Charles, etc. A published design will have a pattern page on Ravelry that you can link your personal project page to. Custom designs do not qualify.

** Your free pattern gifts are self-published patterns from my Ravelry Store only. Patterns that have been published in knitting magazines or for knitting companies are excluded. The coupon codes expire on 1/31/2019.

*** Group class must be used before 1/31/2019. Please e-mail me once you've hit 8 pattern pages. One group class for free for every 8 separate finished project pages posted to Ravelry. Posting photos of 8 different necklaces under one "Gatsby Necklace" page counts as only one project page, whereas creating 8 different project pages for 8 different necklaces would count as 8 separate projects. 


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